Harrow International School (Bangkok)

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Karri Nicholson at Harrow International School in Bangkok came up with a great way to promote recycling awareness which is also a way of keeping D&T in the spotlight and raising its profile.  The school's PP and HDPE bottle top collection points look fabulous and instantly draw attention with their bright colours and the element of competition.

Harrow International School

Once collected the bottle tops are shredded, melted and heat pressed to create new materials suitable for a variety of uses. The department purchased their granulator, sheet press and other equipment from Technology Supplies  although it is possible to do something similar on a smaller scale and the Precious Plastics website is a good statrting point.

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The bottle top collection points promoted D&T through labels on each stand saying they had been made by the D&T department. An accompanying display of the plastic in its unprocessed state, after shredding and as a end product is also a simple but effective way of raising the profile of D&T. 

This idea could be carried out on a smaller scale even if a department doesn’t have the funding for the specialist equipment. Take a look at this video for ideas on a smaller scale starting point. 

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