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Bodice & skirt using innovative materials

Year 11 student, Sophia, from Kellett School, The British International School in Hong Kong, designed and made this innovative skirt and bodice as part of her year 11 Product Design coursework (teachers Owen Smith & Simon Wood). 

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Sophia’s design context was to create an outrageous catwalk fashion garment that would also influence high street fashions, in the same way that a catwalk show by a high end designer might be used by high street designers to influence their own work.

The bodice in particular is interesting as it uses a new material called Worbla that is a thermoplastic material with has a variety of potential uses, especially where a sculptural or shaped section is required. 


The bodice in particular went through many iterations to get the shape and fit right, including creating vacuum formed moulds. 


The bodice also has LEDs integrated into the material using a mix of e-textiles components combined with traditional wires. 


Sophia talks about her work below:

I spent my year 11 school year working hard on my D&T coursework and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was previously comfortable in textiles as I had been sewing for 6 years prior to my GCSE but I chose a theme and materials that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I used new materials such as the thermoplastic Worbla material that is used for the majority of the bodice, as well as including LEDs and hand embroidery. All of these techniques were new to me and were difficult but I managed to create a piece of work I’m very proud of. A lot of time and effort went into making my work and it has definitely altered my plans for the future as I hope to pursue a career in design rather than medicine now. 


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