Kesteven & Sleaford High School (Lincolnshire)

Getting Ready for the New D&T GSCE

Bronwyn Flemming from Kesteven and Sleaford High School in Lincolnshire has designed a great open brief e-textiles project aimed at leading year 9 students into the new D&T GCSE specification. Her aim was to encourage students to work with the open brief to produce flexible outcomes, with a particular focus on users and their needs, as well as on designing within a context, all of which are very relevant to the new GCSE. 

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The ‘be safe be seen’ project allowed students to work independently with outcomes that were different and personal to each student’s journey. Students could choose their own client,  e.g. runner, walker, cyclist, child, adult, teenager or even a pet. They had to include an LED as well as a switch as part of their e-textiles circuit, along with a choice of choice of materials and components from fleece, cotton, felt, fluorescent nylon, reflective tape, fluorescent thread and glow in the dark thread. Although they had these basic criteria to meet all other decisions were up to them. 

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Students generated 8 ideas and then modelled their chosen one and made a prototype. This was then evaluated and adapted before the final product was made. 

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As well as practical skills, and learning about model making, students covered learning on biomimicry, smart materials and high tech fabrics, along with designing, users needs and working within a design context all of which are part of the new GCSE. 


One of the reasons I like this project is that, whilst students had some limitations, they were able to work independently and make their own design decisions, and each student produced a different outcome. This is important practice for the non exam assessment as part of the D&T GCSE where these skills will be very important. 

See the Guest Blog that Bronwyn wrote about how her school is implementing some of the curriculum changes as part of the new D&T GCSE. 


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