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Revision bags

On the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group recently I saw a brilliant idea that the Food team at King’s School in Germany came up with on the spur of the moment. Although this idea was very much targeted at Food it could easily be adapted for other areas, including those outside of D&T. It would also be an excellent way of developing activities for G&T students. 

King’s School is a British forces school, serving the children and families of British soldiers who are based in Germany. The school follows the same curriculum as schools in England. 

The department is made up Mandy Florence (in charge of Food), Diane Stubbs (food and child development), and part time teacher Veronica Dixon (Food & Textiles). Food is a popular and successful department within the school, and it is currently offered as part of a carousel in years 7-9 with year 10 & 11 opting for GCSE Catering and WJEC Level 3 Food, Science and Nutrition at KS5.

The decision was made during the day to close the school because of snow and this meant the year 7 group due to make fruit crumble would miss out. Students were given lunch before they left so the Food team used this time to put together ‘take away’ bags with all the ingredients and instructions for making the crumble students would have made in their lesson. 

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Students were asked to take photos and get feedback about their crumble ready to share back in school. The school are very keen on parental involvement, and students share learning with home each week with parents giving written feedback on the products they have made. This works really well, and over the course of a food module builds into a very positive communication log between home and school. Below are photos of some of the crumbles that students made for homework. 

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As a department the team work well together and share ideas. They were very excited at the prospect of developing this idea as feature in everyday lessons, especially as a way of challenging more able students, rewarding good students and even as a way of developing skills through additional practical work with the least able. 

The department are in a very fortunate position that they are able to provide all ingredients to students free of charge. However, in order to develop this type of homework further they will still have to plan the dishes for take away bags carefully as not only do they have to consider costs involved, but also the time to put together the ingredients as well as health and safety related to the foods being included.

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I have seen this idea done before with revision resources, for example, where students get a revision back to take away with them when they go off on study leave. I love the idea of also developing this into an extension task. It is a great way of approaching a G&T activity and making extension work feel fun and exciting. This idea could also be developed for other material areas, including non D&T ones. The takeaway bag could include practical activities, as in this case, but could include cheaper, non practical activities as well. 

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What students said about the takeaway activity:

I thought it tested your skills on your own

I liked it because I got to show my parents my cooking skills

I loved being able to cook at home

My parents really liked it and my brother joined in with me

My mum thought it was great seeing me cooking at home

It was fun and exciting

It was good because I was not bored when I got home

It was good because you can work without the time pressure

King’s School also have a textiles project featured on this website 

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