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See the resources shared by Tamsin Mitchell from Lady Margaret School to support the D&T GCSE

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

Lady Margaret School in Parsons Green London is one of the venues we use for The Textiles Teacher Roadshow where Tamsin Mitchell, Head of D&T, acts as our host. As well as showcasing some of the fabulous work the department produces Tamsin also contributes to the day by doing informal demos of how the laser cutter can be used in textiles over lunchtime. 


The department layout is particularly useful for teachers to see who are considering a more forward thinking approach to the new D&T GCSE from 2017. The classrooms are laid out with a resistant materials based room next to a textiles room separated by a sliding wall. This layout allows flexible teaching to take place from both a materials specialist approach as well as from a broader materials focus. Scroll down to find out more about textiles at the school. 


The images above are from the December 2016 Roadshow. Click here to read more about the February 2016 Roadshow which took place at the school.

Resources to support D&T GCSE


See the resources Tamsin has shared for the D&T GCSE that show how the curriculum content is relevant to textiles. Resources include a scheme of learning, project ideas and lesson resources. 

Poppy Dress

I first saw this poppy inspired dress made by a year 13 student from Lady Margaret School at the February 2016 Textiles Teacher Roadshow. At that point the bodice was only partly made but the laser poppies were already eye-catching. The final garment is beautiful and creative and a real credit to the student who designed and made it. 

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L IMG 3884 2

The dress was displayed in the school reception area as part of the school Armistice commemorations in 2016. 

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School Badge Wall Hanging Group Project

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I love this year 10 group project by Tamsin Mitchell to create a wall hanging based on the school badge. What better way to raise the profile of the department than to have a textiles interpretation  of the logo hanging in a public place in school. 

The school badge was broken down into rectangles and each student was given a shape with a section of the image on it.  Students then chose three techniques randomly out of a hat and these had to be included in their work but no other restrictions were set so students could use any additional techniques if they wished as well as using any colours and components of their choice. Students had about four  hours over two weeks to complete the work which the teacher then sewed together to make the wall hanging. 

This is a great idea for a short project that develops technical skills whilst still giving students some freedom. It is also an excellent way of encouraging students to work as a team, whilst still allowing them to be individual. Differentiation is cleverly included, both via the teacher who chose the complexity of the design each student was given, as well as by how each student interpreted and executed their shape.

Textiles at Lady Margaret School

Lady Margaret School in Parsons Green London was the venue for The Textiles Teacher Roadshow in February 2016 with Tamsin Mitchell, Head of D&T, as our host. Click here to read more about the Roadshow and to see photos of the day. 

The D&T department set up at the school is impressive, with large, light airy rooms and high quality D&T showcased around the rooms as well as in the corridors. 

L displays
L IMG 9296

Classrooms also have displays that help encourage independent learning, including this display on how to thread the sewing machine which is big enough to be seen from anywhere in the classroom, and which has a 3D effect with the use of yarn to represent thread on top of the images. 

The school’s approach to textiles is excellent with a wide variety of high quality outcomes being produced at KS3, 4 and 5. 

Dress a girl

KS3 projects, such as these year 9 dresses produced for the ‘Dress a girl around the world charity project, show the department has a wider approach to D&T rather than just being about focusing on outcomes for the students to use themselves. 


KS4 and 5 work is also creative and varied, including the use of high tech materials such as neoprene, and up to date 21st century techniques such as laser cutting and sublimation printing. 

Click here to take a look at this short video on laser cutting that was filmed at the school 

laser cutter 3
Sublimation printing

Students also have access to high end textiles equipment such as computerised embroidery machines, as well as more traditional basic equipment and sewing machines.

L IMG 3896

Traditional textiles skills are still valued, as is creativity and an art textiles approach, as can be seen in this group weaving project on a frame that is the size of a door. 

The class rooms are set up to allow textiles to interlink with other areas of D&T. There is a dual use food and textiles room, along with a dual use product design and textiles space. This will be a real bonus for the new single GCSE curriculum as students will easily be able to move from one material to another. 

Tamsin has a good way of softening the traditional benches in the product design area using colourful table cloths when they are used for fabric cutting or written work. 


The textiles space has also been designed to be versatile with electric sockets in the ceiling. This is something used in industry and it gives the room a very industrial feel when all the machines are set up. This makes it a great way of helping students understand industrial practice. 

L IMG 3732

A lovely personalised touch in the food rooms is the use of printed tea towels with images drawn by past students. This personalised touch is very much how all the D&T rooms at the school feels and students are lucky to have such a great working space.  

See the photos and more information about The Textiles Teacher Roadshow hosted by Lady Margaret School Feb 2016

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