Leicester Grammar School

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Leicester Grammar School

As both Paul and I have taught in Leicestershire schools during our careers we have a special interest in schools in the area and were therefore delighted to be invited to Leicester Grammar School’s Open Day. It was a real pleasure to see a strong D&T department and to hear students talk knowledgeably and with passion about D&T. 

Leicester Grammar School 2

We were originally invited into the department by Nathan Grimadell who attended the Textiles Teacher Roadshow because of his new role at the school which included a significant amount of textiles on his timetable. We were impressed by Nathan’s approach to textiles as a non specialist, and with the changes in the GCSE he is part of a growing group of male teachers who are challenging the stereotypes of what textiles is and how it is taught. Work students had produced as part of a brief for a product designed for professionals in different roles was impressive and complimented the excellent projects and working environment he has inherited from the previous teacher. 

L IMG 8763

We saw a range of work across all material areas, with a great mix of traditional and new approaches. In particular the work by the department demonstrates really well how it's possible to take traditional approaches and projects but to give them a new twist to make them meet the needs of the changing specifications, as well as introducing completely new ideas such as augmented reality. 

Leicester Grammar School 4
Leicester Grammar School 3

Work in the department shows how students have embraced prototyping and iterative design as a key part of D&T, with a range of work being modelled in different materials and as scale or full sized models.

Modelling prototyping

It was also evident that students had been encouraged to focus on users and user needs, including through a set of stools produced by students to meet the needs of the feeder primary school. 

Stools Leicester Grammar School

With thanks to the D&T department for their hospitality and for taking the time out of a busy open day to talk to us about their work. 

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