Martin High School (Leicestershire)

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Year 8 Door Hanger Project

This door hanger project has been developed by Jacqui Mercado as a year 8 project and the project has been popular with boys as well as girls.

Martin High 2

Students begin by evaluating existing products which helps them recognise the range of shapes they could use rather than just choosing a standard rectangle of square.

The project includes students investigating a range of techniques such as dye sub printing, appliqué, sequins, satin stitch embroidery, and tie and dye, including shibori.

Martin High 1

To develop the project further the next cohort of students will be able to use light reflective tape to add a high tech element to the project. They will also develop more of their own designs rather than using existing imagery from the internet. Faster or more experienced students will also be able to add pockets or more intricate designs.

Year 10 First Projects

Until 2013 Martin High School was a KS3 school and 2015 has been the first year 11 that has graduated from the school. Jacqui Mercado and Hannah Cook at the school have therefore been working on building up the GCSE course at the school. 

At the beginning of their course year 10 students, who are only the second set of GCSE students to have studied textiles, were set a project to design and make a learning toy.  The aim of the project was to introduce students to a variety of areas such as industrial practice, values issues, various techniques and product analysis. 

The work below shows work by both boys and girls and includes 

We did a learning toy as it is boy friendly and I have included some sketch book pages as well. 


The sketchbook work below shows some of the sketchbook work that supported the learning toy project. 



Work created by Jacqui and Hannah's students was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

schools paperwork

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