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Year 9 Bomber Jacket Project

I love these bomber jackets that Jo Bishop’s year 9 students at RGS Worcester have made. Students have adapted a basic block, which was originally a 1980s pattern, to create personalised sizing e.g. changing the length and sleeve depth. They started the project in September and have spent an hour a week working on the jackets until the beginning of March. Students had the option to quilt, embroider or sublimation print the double jersey fabric. Some have even used tea staining to achieve a vintage look to the ribbing and one or two have purchased their own printed fabric to use for the main body or sleeves. This project is a great way of introducing paper patterns, blocks, and basic pattern adaptation, along with learning how to making complex fashion garments. The degree of accuracy and quality of finish of the products is great, particularly for year 9. 

Mia RGS textiles

Here Mia can be seen with her work which is impressive as matching up the quilted pattern across the two front pieces of the jacket is very challenging. 


Issy's ‘China blue’ themed jacket uses pre-printed cotton for the sleeves.


Isabelle’s sleeves are sublimation printed with an autumn leaf theme. 

Year 8 Bag project

This year 8 bag project has been produced by Jo Bishop’s students from RGS Worcester. 

RGS Worcester is also the Midlands venue for the Young Fashion Designer UK competition. Click here to find out more about the competition 


This work was featured at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015


Click here to see more about The Textiles Teacher Event 

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