Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School (Upminster)

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Raising the profile of D&T

This noticeboard outside the D&T block at Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School in Upminster is a great way of raising the profile of a department, showcasing to others what the department is doing, whilst at the same time communicating with students with homework and other reminders. 

Lee Doe is the only D&T teacher at the school and therefore teaches all of KS3 and 4. Since joining the school in 2009 she has tried to raise the profile of the subject with students, staff and parents by using the external space of building to make work going on in D&T more visible. 

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As well as the chalkboard Lee has used vinyls on windows and doors with inspirational quotes and information. These are designed and cut in school using a Roland GX24 vinyl cutter. Lee has also produced similar vinyls for other departments as well as inspirational quotes for the school’s new independent learning centre. 

Door vinyls

(The classroom rules above were inspired by a post on Pinterest)

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