Saxmundham Free School (Suffolk)

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6Rs Product Design Homework

wheel lamp

I love this 6Rs homework task set by Carla Last from Saxmundham Free School in Suffolk for her year 10 students. The homework task was to make a product using one of the 6Rs as a focus. Students had four weeks to complete the homework which included finding out what the 6Rs refers to, designing, making, as well as evaluating their final outcome. 

The outcomes students produced were very varied and used a variety of materials. The creativity and effort that many students showed is amazing and from the outcomes it is clear students really enjoyed the homework task. 

slippers basket paper

Setting this sort of task as a homework is a fabulous way of both engaging students as well as including important learning content. It also generates an instant display and talking point. 

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This type of homework is also a great way of encouraging students to design and make things without the restrictions of working within a school situation, whether that be access to equipment and materials, or the need to work within school based targets and learning outcomes.


Download the PowerPoint created by Carla Last to support the homework

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