Shoeburyness High School (Essex)

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Fab Displays on British Design & Designers

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These fabulous displays by Marie Cook at Shoeburyness High School are an excellent example of showcasing both D&T and British design. 

With the challenges Design and Technology currently faces it’s important to raise the profile of D&T with pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. These types of displays help people understand what D&T is in the wider world and therefore help them value our subject more. They also dispel many of the myths that surround British design and manufacturing showing it to be the important industry it is.  

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The D&T Association has launched a campaign called ‘Designed and Made in Britain…?’ to highlight the fact that D&T is critical to the UK’s future success. D&TA list one of the key elements of this campaign being about teachers playing their role by ‘taking every opportunity to publicise D&T and related careers, to parents, school management (including governors) and employers’. The type of display Marie has created is a permanent reminder to everyone that D&T is more than just about making products in school, and is an essential and diverse industry that makes a massive contribution to the UK’s standing across the world.

Find out more about the ‘Design & Made in Britain…?' campaign at

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