St Mary’s Catholic High School (Menston, West Yorkshire)

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Year 9 Batch Produced Christmas Stockings

I love this batch production project by Caroline Barnes, Subject Leader for D&T at St Mary’s Catholic High School in West Yorkshire. 

photo 1

The Christmas stocking is very traditional product but the seasonal focus helps engage students, so much so that Caroline says students talk about the project right from when they start in year 7. 

photo 3

The project is 6 weeks long (14 hours) and is targeted at year 9. It is a module that is part of a 3 year KS4 and the aim of the project is to develop key practical skills. 

photo 5

As well as developing key practical skills there is tons of additional learning as the focus is on industrial production, and in particular on batch production and quality control. 

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Students work in groups of 4 and submit designs which are peer assessed. An agreed design is then selected to be developed further. Students source their own fabrics and trimmings and the school provides the material and pattern. Students have roles when batch producing their stocking, including taking turns as the manager and carrying out effective quality control. 

photo 4

This work was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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