Stockbridge High School (Sheffield)

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Year 11 ‘To Do’ List Display Board

I love this year 11 ’to do’ list board from Carl James, the technician from Stockbridge High School in Sheffield. It is a great way of monitoring student progress without it being the usual spreadsheet overkill! It's also a great way of developing independent learning and planning skills, as well being a good way to model these skills to younger year groups, along with giving a sense of importance and status to year 11. 

Below Carl talks about the display,  how it is used and its impact:

I put together this display for my head of department, Katie Felton. We were finding that Y11 were in need of a method to see at a glance what their next steps were in completing their practical coursework. I hit on the idea of a giant to-do list along the same lines as how I organise my jobs as the technician. The display is based in the classroom and visible to the students at all times. They are encouraged to write their own notes at the end of lessons for future reference but staff can fill in a card and post it on the board too. It has helped Y11 work more independently: they can come into the classroom, grab the first note on their list and crack on with it with minimum pushing from staff. Notes can take the form of sketches and writing and my head of department has found it easier to keep track of than electronic means as it is always there to see.

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