The Gryphon School (Sherborne)

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Yarn Bombing 

After weeks of secret knitting by the school’s knitting group pupils at The Gryphon School in Sherborne were surprised to find their school had been yarn bombed. This was organised by Jenny Salmon, Louise Weston, and Ruth Chaffrey. The yarn bombing brought lots of smiles to everyone’s faces, got everyone talking, and brightened up the school. The school were even featured in the local paper!

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To yarn bomb the tree Jenny drew a sketch of the tree and then measured the length and width of trunk and branches as a guide to follow. Knitted squares were made and stitched to make rectangles to fit the measurements and then the fabric was wrapped around the tree, with branch pieces being added along the way, and the back seam being stitched up to keep everything in place. 

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This is a fabulous way of raising the profile of textiles as well as being a great way of introducing the theory behind knitted fabrics. It would be an easy project to do with students, either as a module of work, or for homework, early finishes or as a after school or lunch club activity. 

This work was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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