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Work Showcased at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow October 2017

A big thank you once again to Sian Jones from The Nottingham Emmanuel School  for allowing us to showcase work created by her students at the Textiles Teacher Roadshow. Work on show included KS3 sensory toys, dresses made for the Dress a Girl Around the World charity and some amazing A level art textiles pieces of work. 

Using Textiles and Non Textiles Materials to Create Products

sweet wrapper bag

This bag by a student from The Nottingham Emanuel School (teacher Sian Jones) uses a range of textiles and non textiles materials. The bag uses the thermoforming properties of plastic to melt sweet wrappers together to create a fabric. The bag also uses a socket barrel nut, which is normally used for joining manufactured boards together, as a way of attaching the straps to the bag. In addition the bag has a zip pull made out of paper clips. The bag also has some traditional textiles materials and components  as it is lined with fabric and has a zip fastening.

fastening sweet wrapper bag

Textiles Work on Display in the John Lewis Restaurant in Nottingham

Sian Jones, from The Nottingham Emmanuel School, was looking for a high profile venue to showcase student work and approached the John Lewis store in Nottingham. The store agreed to showcase Sian’s textiles work in the restaurant area. This is a fabulous way to raise the profile of D&T especially as the restaurant is large and the work is displayed in a high profile area right next to the food counters and tills. 


Sian didn’t have any special links to the store, and it just shows that sometimes you just have to ask and companies, even large ones such as John Lewis, are willing to offer support. 

The wall hangings were produced by year KS3 students inspired by the theme ‘Summer Time at Wollaton Park’ which is a large local deer park, museum and historic hall. The hanging is made using recycled materials and a range of decorative techniques including appliqué, reverse appliqué, layering and dyeing with shaving foam. 


KS3 Takeaway Homework

I recently visited Sian Jones at The Nottingham Emmanuel School and saw some inspirational textiles work including some brilliant takeaway homeworks for KS3. 

Students were set a challenge they had to complete for homework during the module of work and they could choose the level of challenge they worked towards. Students recorded their progress and presented it on display boards. 

The variety of outcomes and quality of work from both boys and girls was extremely impressive. It was clear from the work that students enjoyed the homework and learnt a lot  This was an impressive example of independent learning!

L IMG 9061

L IMG 9050

IMG 9053

L IMG 9052

IMG 9045

Year 10 Skills Sketchbook

Year 10 skills development sketchbook

year 10 skills sketchbook

Jon Burgerman inspired cushion

Year 8 cushions inspired by the work of Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

Year 10 corsets 

These corsets were made as part of Nottingham’s Young Creative Awards. An entry not shown here was a winner an an award. 


Work created by Sian's students was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

GCSE Controlled Assessment on display at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

Work from the school is a regularly featured at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow. This event showcases best practices in textiles and inspires other teachers. Work from all year groups is showcased at this event. 

L Sian Jones Emmanuel Nottingham 0915

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