The Peterborough School (Peterborough)

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The Design Flipbook

Sam Holbird, Head of D&T at The Peterborough School has come up with an innovative way of tracking progression in D&T that's a little different and very in keeping with D&T thinking. His idea is for students to draw a circle in the bottom right hand corner of a page using a Design Flipbook template made from engraved acrylic. Students use the circle to do a product drawing that integrates what they have learnt into a design idea. This could be used to show progression both in a lesson (or part of it) or to show progression over a longer period of time through a series of drawings.  Whilst you could use anything to create the circle I particularly like the idea of the engraved template as it formalises the process, potentially adding a perceived sense of value and routine in the mind of the student. 

L Sam Holbird

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