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Year 9 Newspaper Modelling 

This idea by Mandy Jones, from The Radclyffe School, in Chadderton in Oldham, is a great example of modelling and prototyping that is fun and easy to do. 

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Mandy did this work with her year 9 group over 2 lessons using newspaper, tape and string. She started off by showing some videos to give students ideas, then gave some planning time, followed by about an hour and a quarter of making. Students presented their ideas to the group and the head of year judged the best designs. 

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Mandy has done this work using tailor’s dummies, but I have also done something similar in the past modelling straight onto students themselves, and using dummies where students weren’t comfortable with this. 

Mandy’s newspaper dresses are a really good example of iterative design. They are also a great example of how designing and making can still be fun, and full of lots of learning, without it always having to result in an end product to take home. 

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See the newspaper leaf dress activity idea the Radclyffe School used for open evening.  

Work created by Mandy's students was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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