Wallington High School for Girls (Surrey)

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A level Sketchbook Bags

On my A level courses I talk a lot about the importance of getting students to have an interest in textiles beyond the lesson and for them to immerse themselves in textiles. One of the things we discuss is for students to keep a sketchbook. 

Anthea Hearne-Dudman, Head of Textiles at Wallington High School for Girls, has taken this idea one step further and got students to design and make a bag to carry the sketchbook around in. This not only develops students skills but is a great way of getting students to take ownership of their work as well as being a subtle way of promoting textiles around the school. 

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The students made the tote bags and sublimation printed their own design onto the outside. 

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Below are some comments from the students about the project.

I think these bags are really useful in aiding our organisation skills, and ensuring our sketchbooks do not get easily damaged. The sublimation printed design on the front of our bags really captures the creativity and individuality of our class in a unique manner. Furthermore, the back of the bag shows our own individual favourite aspects of textiles, whether it be a culmination of our projects over the course of our time in the department, or having a collage of bold images.  To conclude I really enjoyed this small project as it was an enjoyable activity to take part in after the stress of exams.
Mehru Raza

Making these bags has been a fun short project which was a nice contrast and break from all the stress of exams and coursework. Fortunately our school has a sublimation printer, which we could use to create these original and fun bags. As well as looking good, they have been very useful in carrying our big A3 sketchbooks for A2 coursework. All in all, it has been nice to get compliments from family, friends and other students and to have a great product to use for school.
Waheeda Kabir

We noticed that there were many people at open day who took an interest in the bags and continued to ask us about them. They all seemed really interested when we told them that we made them ourselves using school equipment such as the sublimation printer. Also the fact that we had the freedom to design them ourselves made it feel more special and unique to our own personal interests.
Gabi Sachs

My bag is really efficient for transporting my textiles sketchbook safely and securely with minimal damage, I feel like this benefits me because it keeps my work to a high standard as it is protected. The bag was easy to make and was fun to design, I enjoyed making it as I was able to be creative and make the design personal rather than coursework related. At our schools open evening we had our bags out while we were working and several people commented on the bags and how they were a good idea and looked nice.
Sarah Everingham

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This work was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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Practical work featured at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow 2016

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A range of work from Wallington High School for Girls was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow at Lady Margaret School in February 2016. 

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