Wirral Grammar School for Girls (Merseyside)

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Design work by Rachel Bawden (teacher Tanya Maxwell)

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When developing their design ideas many students ask ‘how many drawings do I need?’ or ‘do I have enough ideas?’. These are always difficult questions to answer because they miss the point about what the process behind initial ideas and design development is all about. 

The work below by Rachel Bawden, a year 13 student taught by Tanya Maxwell at Wirral Grammar School for Girls, exemplifies really well what good design drawings look like.

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Some of the key elements that make Rachel’s work impressive are:

  • The use of a pen to draw with as this gives a drawing real impact on the page
  • A lack of colour enabling attention to design detail to be the focus
  • A page of full of ideas with all of the space used to good effect
  • A sketchy, but professional, feel that suggests ideas have been done quickly so that none are lost 
  • A page that focuses on getting ideas down onto paper rather than just on ‘pretty’ presentation 
  • Simple presentation but with emphasis on key areas through the use of heavy and light pen lines
  • Ideas that develop more than just surface decoration 
  • Annotation to indicate details that aren’t obvious from the drawing itself 
  • Drawings with clear links to the brief (in Rachel’s case this is a red carpet dress that is constructed using a variety of fabric manipulation methods combined with technological advances in textiles)
  • Ideas that link to other research that has been done

Keep an eye on this page to see how Rachel’s work develops into a finished product!

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