Wolverhampton Girls’ School (West Midlands)

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Collaborative Year 8 Product Design & Textiles Project

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This project is a great example of how collaborative working across a D&T department can reduce the amount of paperwork students have to produce enabling them to focus on the production of high quality end products. 

Sancha Wood, who teaches textiles at Wolverhampton Girls’ School, and her Product Design colleague, Stephanie Bannister, planned this joint project based on the theme of Day of the Dead. 

The design brief and context were based on designing new products to be sold in the Tate Gallery gift shop to accompany an exhibition titled "Day of the Dead"

 Students had 12 weeks to complete the project (1hr 40 minute lessons) and delivery was broken down into the following areas:

1.    Introduction to Theme - Day of the Dead

Design brief, task analysis, design specification, research (3 types including one primary & one secondary source e.g. mood boards, customer profile, existing products, artist/designer profile)


2.    CAD - learning how to use 2D design and photoshop

Developing ideas - producing a design for the arylic box lid and a similar design for the fabric pod pillow     

3.    Jewellery Box 

Visualising a 3D Design, dye sublimation printed lid, shoulder joints, lid with dowel

IMG 0734

4.     Pod Pillow 

A4 sized piece of suede effect polyester with design sublimation printed on, optional        embroidered embellishment, use of the sewing machine, filled with rice/polyester fibre

IMG 0525

5.     Joint product evaluation and Dragon’s Den style presentation to pitch products

The finished products have a real impact with a quality finish. 

IMG 0523


This work was featured at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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