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Why is there a separate section for D&T textiles?

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This website was originally set up by Julie and mostly focused on D&T Textiles, partly because of limited time, but also because when the website started the D&T curriculum was divided into distinct material areas, with textiles being Julie’s specialist area. A couple of years after the website began several things happened that saw this change - firstly Paul joined Julie as a consultant and working together there was more time to be able to offer a much broader range of resources and support across D&T as a whole. The KS3, GCSE and A level curriculums also went through a period of signifiant change, with a broader materials approach to D&T, and again the website developed to reflect this. Most of the textiles resources from the original website are now included with the main D&T resources pages but there are a few textiles specific bits and pieces still held in this separate section.  

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