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Rebuilding D&T


This report by David Barlex and Torben Steeg on re-building D&T, modernising the subject and the challenges we face is a long read but it's a useful one to put on the New Year reading list. It is aimed at the D&T Association, as well as others in a position of influence, but, as the report points out, these changes are not something they can undertake alone and all members of the D&T community have to play a part. It's definitely worth at least a skim read especially if you are a Head of Department. David Spendlove's response to the report is also of interest as he proposes a more radical 'reclaiming, renaming and reframing agenda' rather than focusing on the past. He also encourages debate within the community D&T about how we move forward.


Free download of ‘D&T for the Next Generation’ on David Bartlex and Torben Steeg’s website. This book was originally published in 2007 but there is still has some very relevant content in it and it is definitely worth a look. 

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Common Inspection Framework Sept 2015 - summary of all documents 

Read the transcript of the speech made by Michael Wilshaw to launch the common inspection framework 

See a summary by the TES of the 7 questions schools will ask under the framework 

Note that as part of the common inspection framework Ofsted will be inspecting the healthy eating and food culture of a school and the extent to which schools support pupils to gain ‘knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, including exercise and healthy eating’. Download a review sheet from The Food Teachers Centre to help you assess whether your school meets the new criteria 

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Diana Choulerton, Lead HMI for D&T

Presentation by Diana Choulerton’s presentation at the D&T Association’s Summer School 2017 

Diana Choulerton’s presentation at the D&T Association’s Summer School 2016 

Keynote presentation by Diana Choulerton, Lead HMI inspector for D&T, at D&TA Summer School 2015 (video) & (PowerPoint). 

Video where Diana Choulerton asks some important questions to help us review our departments 

Diana Choulteron talking about textiles and food in D&T

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