Lamps That Change Shape


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Lamps that change shape

Let’s Learn

This lamp can change its shape and appearance depending on the look and light type you want.

This pendant lamp designed by Leah L.S Amick dims as you twist it to create different light effects

This Ikea light has a cord that transform the shape and amount of light output when it is pulled.


  • What do all of these lights have in common?
  • What user needs does this product meet?
  • What things will a designer need to consider when designing these types of product?
  • Summarise the advantages and disadvantages of these products?
  • What other folding or shape changing products can you think of?
  • How could you use the idea of changing and transforming shape to inspire a different type of product?
  • Download this #ThinkDo card (click on the image to see it in more detail). 
    Teachers: Why not use this as a lesson starter? 
    Students: After you have done the activities on the card print it out as a revision card and use it to make revision notes on.
Interactive light

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