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Read a document we created for the National STEM Learning Centre about Nomex

Nomex oven gloves

These oven gloves are made from Coolskin which is a branded fabric made from Nomex.  Nomex is a technical textile that is a member of the nylon family. The gloves are also a good example of technology push and how materials technology is influencing and changing the design of products (e.g. a move away from the traditional quilted oven gloves).  Although Nomex is fire retardant it is the fact that it absorbs heat and remains cool to touch that makes it a good fabric to use for oven gloves (you pick up very hot things with them rather than sticking your hand into a flame).


  • Nomex is a technical textile. What does this mean?
  • The gloves are made from a knitted fabric construction. Explain how the fabric has been constructed.
  • What properties does the knitted construction give the fabric?
  • Investigate the burning and heat insulation properties of Nomex. Compare these the reaction of Nomex to those of other materials.  What experiments could you devise to do these tests?
  • Compare the design of the oven gloves to a range of other oven gloves e.g. quilted fabric oven gloves, silicone oven gloves. Which would you recommend and why?

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Nomex was invented by Dupont. Find out more about Nomex on their website along with other potential uses for the fibre. 

Find out about Thermoman, Dupont's testing dummy used to test fire retardant materials. 

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