An Introduction to Technical Textiles

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Find out more about technical textiles

Read a document we created for the National STEM Learning Centre introducing technical textiles

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Download this FREE set of editable resources on technical textiles from our shop. 

The resource includes an information slide as well as activities to test your learning. 

Technical textiles

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To find out more about modern materials visit the D&T GCSE section of BBC Bitesize

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Use these activities to test your learning. Click on the images to download the handout.

Technical textiles

Click on the image to see a larger version & to download the handout

These predictions on future materials were made in 2006. Have the predictions already happened? What might we predict the new technologies to be in 10 years time? Create a D&T time capsule saved in your school for future students to open and review. 

Click on the image to see a larger version & to download the handout as a PDF

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With thanks to Emtex for permission to share this information from their New Textiles poster resource

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Other Links

  • This is a directory of UK technical textiles companiesInvestigate the technical textiles companies in your area.
  • Investigate the technical textiles produced by Toray Textiles & Capatex Ltd
  • The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) gives annual awards for design excellence and innovation in speciality fabric applications and technical textiles in categories ranging from fabric structures and architecture, canopies, marine fabrication, and geosynthetics. The show how textiles materials and techniques can be used in extreme situations often not linked to the traditional view of textiles.  Each entry includes information on the design problem and client making it useful as a prompt for thinking about designing for real contexts. 
  • Material testing even takes place on Mars! Hear Amy Ross, an advanced spacesuit designer from NASA, talk about how materials currently used in spacesuits have been tested on Mars as part of the Perseverance mission to see how they stand up to the environment, including dust, solar radiation and cosmic rays. Textiles materials being tested include Ortho-fabric, a made from Kevlar, Gore-Tex and Nomex, Vectran which is a liquid crystal polymer, Teflon coated textiles, as well as polycarbonate that’s used on visors.

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