#ThinkDoMAKE: Polymer Bag Project

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#ThinkDoMAKE: Polymer bag project

These resources were created by Tamsin Mitchell at Lady Margaret School, London. See a summary of other resources Tamsin has shared hereSee examples of student work from the school on their Featured School page.

Tamsin has kindly shared her resources for others to use in their classroom and all resources on this page are her copyright. Credit must be given where all or part of the resources are used by teachers to develop their own resources. No part of the resources may be sold or shared commercially without permission from Tamsin. 

Tamsin has also set up the GCSE D&T New Spec Textiles Facebook group.

The resources below are for the Bag Project shown in this Scheme of learning for year 10 D&T GCSE
(AQA exam board, taught via a textiles specialist approach)

Bag project PowerPoint 1

Introduction to polymers & the design brief

bag ppt

Bag project PowerPoint 2

Inspiration & designing activities for the bag project

Lady Margaret

The photos above show how students did product analysis exercises on different types of plastics (much of which was from the recycling bin or car boot sales all stored in a supermarket polypropylene carrier bag), along with the pages students created as part of their ‘Materials Encyclopedia’. Students also look at exemplar bags made from polymers to kickstart their own ideas. 

Experimental work

Students experimented with laminating different materials as well as with fusing carrier bags and sweet wrappers (120 degrees for 5 seconds on the heat press). They also experimented with stitching on the surface of the materials. 


Next students modelled their ideas getting peer feedback. 


As part of this module of work students also considered how forces and stresses are relevant to bag. Click here to see this resource.

Below are examples of the finished polymer bags

Polymer bags Tamsin Mitchell

Other Links

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Take a look at the work of Tiff Manuell who uses plastics in her textiles bags

Practical activities and ideas are provided as a starting point only. Students should use these as inspiration as part of an iterative design process developing the idea further themselves. Credit should be given to the original source where appropriate.

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