The Mondrian Dress by Yves St. Laurent

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Mondrian inspired dress pattern

Let’s Learn

  • Mondrian was an artist who had a very distinctive signature style. The Mondrian dress was designed by Yves St. Laurent in the 60s and was inspired by Mondrian’s art.
  • This Vogue paper pattern is a ‘hack’ which means it comes with a paper pattern you use as a ‘block’ and there are instructions on how to make adaptations to create your own Mondrian inspired dress. This pattern was featured on the Great British Sewing Bee programme as part of 60s week (series 4, episode 5). 


  • Research Mondrian’s signature style. What are the key features?
  • What key features of Mondrian’s signature style does the dress use?
  • Yves St. Laurent created this dress in the 60s. What 60s influences do you see in the dress?  
  • Research Yves St. Laurent. What other iconic looks is he famous for?
  • The pattern is a ‘hack’ which means the original pattern has been used as a pattern ‘block’ and adapted to create the Mondrian dress style. What is a block?
  • Download this #ThinkDo card on the Mondrian paper pattern (click on the image to see it in more detail). 

    Teachers: Why not use this as a lesson starter? 
    Students: After you have done the activities on the card print it 
    out as a revision card and use it to make revision notes on.

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