Kitchen Bins

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  • Analyse how the bin in your kitchen is used. How do different people use it? Does it do it’s job well? How could it be improved?
  • What functional properties might a kitchen bin need to have to suit the needs of an average user?
  • How important are aesthetics when choosing a kitchen bin?
  • Compare the different types of kitchen bins that are available identify the different features that are available e.g. different shapes, sizes, materials, bins with special features such as anti bacterial finishes, smart bins with sensors, bins that compact the rubbish, bins with several compartments and those  aroma filters. Do a survey to find out which features are valued by the average user. 
  • Investigate the range of price brackets for kitchen bins. What’s the cheapest and the most expensive? Which is better value for money and why? 
  • Create a comparison chart for different brands of bin e.g. simplehuman, Brabantia, Joseph Jospeh
  • Download these #ThinkDo cards. 
    Teachers: Why not use this as a lesson starter? 
    Students: After you have done the activities on the card print it out as a revision card and use it to make revision notes on.
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Kitchen bins

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