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These resources are designed to support our courses and are given away to delegates (see the course calendar or email us for details). Teachers and technicians have asked us to make our packs available to buy. It's likely to be more cost effective for you to source materials yourself, but if you're looking for a quick one stop solution these packs might suit your needs. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE - RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE BECAUSE OF COVID-19 MEAN ONLY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD RESOURCES CAN CURRENTLY BE PURCHASED. This means orders for resources on this page can’t be accepted at the moment as they include material samples.


  • All sizes are approximate
  • Prices are subject to change 
  • Colours may not be the same as indicated on this page
  • We only sell samples of materials & don’t sell larger sizes
  • Materials are cut to order & processing may take longer than the usual 3-5 day delivery mentioned elsewhere on the website (note some orders may take up to 28 days).
  • Note we can’t answer individual queries about where our materials are sourced, especially as our stockists are varied and are constantly changing.
  • Our materials packs are designed to support the courses we run and are given away on selected courses. Find out more by emailing us
  • Find out how to place an order (including school orders), delivery costs & T&Cs 

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