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This presentation was created by Paul Boyd and is part of a presentation delivered on some training courses. The focus is on how tablets can be used in education. It includes information on using a tablet as a presentation tool, using an Apple TV, CAD tools for tablets, designing using tablets, using tablets for learning, feedback and general admin. 


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Review of Autodesk for the iPad (by Paul Boyd)

I have had quite a few teachers asking me over the last year how I have been creating basic CAD drawings using only an iPad. One of my favourite Apps is the AutoCAD app which is free on the App Store. It allows you to either create a finished 2D CAD file or in some situations I use it to start a drawing on the go and then import into Fusion 360 to turn into a full 3D CAD file. You create the file on the iPad and then access the file on the 360 file manager on a web browser to export and send to a laser cutter or to continue with the initial drawing on the desktop. Well worth having a play with. It works on the iPhone as well but it is a little finicky with such a small screen.

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