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Coles Sewing Centre is the venue where I hold most of my Nottingham courses (90 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham).


Downstairs there is a large shop which sells a wide range of textiles materials and equipment, including Husqvarna Viking sewing machines (they are a Husqvarna Viking retailer). 

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Above the shop is a fantastic, large, open plan workshop area, as well as a dedicated ICT suite. Most of our smaller courses are held in the ICT suite and The Textiles Teacher Roadshow is held in the large open plan space each year. 

Coles Sewing Centre also sponsor many of the events and competitions I run (along with Husqvarna Viking).

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I got to know Coles Sewing Centre when I bought one of my own sewing machines, a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30, from there a few years ago. I was impressed by their customer service and it was that which ultimately made me decide on which brand to buy. I had looked at pretty much every machine on the market in my price bracket, and they all had their pros and cons, so I was finding it hard to decide. The Husqvarna Viking machine was one of my favourites but it was the time, energy and good quality service I had received while doing my research that was a major deciding factor. 

When teachers ask me about what sewing machines to buy I always say that there is no ‘perfect’ machine or brand and that much of the choice is down to personal preference. As with my own experience, I recommend that anyone buying a machine consider the retailer themselves, and their follow up support, along with the brand name and the actual machine. A sewing machine is usually an important purchase for most people so it is vital to feel there is back up and support if there is a problem. In fact I even made the decision to buy my machine from Coles, even though at the time I wasn’t living in Nottingham, and the other machine I was seriously considering (a different brand) was actually in a shop in the town I was living in. 

As part of my purchase of the machine I received a free one day course to help me get familiar with some of the more complex things it can do and it was then I realised what great training spaces Coles have above the shop. At that time I was just starting out as a consultant and the rooms were ideal to use for my teacher training workshops. Since then I have used Coles Sewing Centre both as a venue for my courses as well as somewhere I buy much of my own resources and equipment from. 

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Don’t just take my word for it on how great they are! If you are ever in Nottingham it is well worth popping into the shop. It is not far from the Victoria Centre and is at the bottom of Hockley near the Ice Stadium. Take a look at these instructions to help you find it. 

Coles Sewing Centre
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