D&T Curriculum Planning (KS3, GCSE & A Level)

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D&T Curriculum Planning (KS3, GCSE, A Level)

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Click on ‘Download for free’ and you will be taken to the Sellfy website where you can access the download. You can download the resource for free or, if you wish, you can choose to donate an amount of you choice (this resource is available on our TES Shop for £12.50).

This resources consists of a range of curriculum planning documents that will help a D&T department review and create a 7 year curriculum.

It consists of sets of cards that summarise the keywords and headlines from the KS3 curriculum, the GCSE Subject Content and the A Level Subject Content. The cards can be printed out and used as an interactive activity for departmental planning, particularly in larger departments. Suggestions on how the cards might be used as included with the resources. 

Curriculum planning

The resource also includes some resources that are available for free via the website but which are included in the pack as they are useful to use in conjunction with the cards. These additional resources include ticklists that summarise the content from the above cards but in a linear format (these sheets are particularly useful for smaller departments or for individual teachers) as well as a 10 key learning areas document that summarises and compares the learning content across all exam boards (useful for adding in the additional detail to curriculum planning once the initial review with the cards has been carried out). 

Note this is a large zip file so it might take a while to download. The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices or onto some school systems. 

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